"Sleep a little death" : Mix 2014-01 on Mixcloud


Mix 2014-01 : Sleep a little death by Rockoruud on Mixcloud

A playlist for the final hours of the day. Taking you in a certain mood….. ready for sleeping, but be aware as there may come in some weird and strange passages here and there !

Mix created september 7th and 8th…

Milena Tomic

My music scores on paper!

Sombre Soniks Studios - Hands From Shadows

My track for charity compilation- number 30.


"The second half of May has brought the worst floods in the known history of Serbia. Several towns and cities were almost completely submerged, many lives lost, and the amount of people forced to flee their homes (and lose everything in proces) is measured in thousands. "

Recent pics.

Song of the Week for 03-30-2014 @ Music Scene Investigation

THANKS MSI! I am really glad for this all!

UA Compilation review

UA Compilation albums review. Featuring my track- Rainy, Rainy Day


Milena Tomic- DISCOGS

"Write." vol.3, by Ogi feel the beat

Thanks DRIZZI for wonderful warm words about my album!

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(Petroglyph191) Milena Tomic - THE BOOK: Old Music Tunes of Wonders : Milena Tomic : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

THE BOOK: Old Music Tunes of Wonders LP

about my third album:

" I had inspiration to write music, beside from piano, and for instruments that were very important for long time in European music tradition
( mostly Western art music) which are now, as I feel, a bit forgotten. I also wanted to create a new, interesting and strange ambience for them to fit them nicely into the present and find them place in modern digital world.”

Composed, performed, produced: Milena Tomic


Remix Eye Movement

THANK you MR.  Schmitt for RMX collab. and thanks Melinda and Norman for wonderful album!

FREE DOWNLOAD of REMIX EYE MOVEMENT ALBUM featuring and my collab. track.

Miniature similar to fugue in 7/8 meter, d minor key.
Sound of piano score is inspired by old Victorian music boxes .
Composed, performed, produced: Milena Tomic
FREE DOWNLOAD of music box:

Soon, Petroglyph Music, again Xmas Compilation, free download!